Polar Spa: In the hart of Longyearbyen

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About Us


Polar Spa is a small an cozy Spa with a warm atosphere up here in the arctic.

Here we focus on the customer, and what the customer needs.

Polar Spa started up in 2018 and offers a variety of different skin and spa treatments.

Here you can get everything from a skin consltation to body scrub and wraps, Make-Up, waxing, facial treatments and different types of massasge.

Feel free to come by for one of our relaxing treatments or just a nice chat.

We sell beautiful natural products from Pevonia Botanica ans Make Up from Tromborg

You can find us on the 2nd floor in the Lompen Center Amfi in Longyearbyen

Feel free to cantact us by mail, Facebook or by phoneif you have any questions reguarding the treatments we provide




Lashes & Brows

-Coloring of lashes 30 min.                                      250,-

-Coloring of brows 20 min.                                      200,-


-Shapeing of brows 20 min.                                     180,- 

 -Coloring of lashes and brows    30 min.           400,- 

-Brows Deluxe 30 min.                                             350,-

Coloring and shoeing of brows (tweezers or wax)

-Brow and Lash Deluxe 45 min.                          550,-

  Coloring of lashes and brows, incl. shapeing of brows (tweezers or wax)

-LVL Lashlift w/coloring 60 min.                        800,-

øyenbryn Plukker
Back Massage

Massage & Body Wraps

-Classic Massage 50 min.  750,-  


-Deeptissue Massage 50 min.   890,- 

-Aroma therapi  50/80 min.  790,-/1100,- 

-Neck and Back 30 min.   400,- 


-Foot Massage 30 min.   350,-


Wraps with scrub: 


Micrgenized Algea Wrap 50 min. 995,-

irst a refreshing dead sea salt scrub, followed by a Algae Wraprich With meneralsand vitamins. Includes 10 mi. face or scalpp massage.

Stem Cell Phyto-Elite 60 min. 1095,-

This treatment starts off With a scrub, serum and then a body wrap packed full of Natural active ingredients like Argan, Sea Butter, Green Cpoffeand Avocado.It has a rejuvinating and hydrating effecton the skin, and leaves it more even in tone and moisturized. Includes 10 min. face or scalp massage. 

-Scrub and Massasge 75 min. 1095,- 

Scrub and a full body massage

-Scrub 25 min. 450,-

Hand & Foot Care


Manicure 50 min. 550,-  

(Peeling, mask, massasge, grooming of nails and polish) 


Pedicure 50 min. 650,-  

(footbath, grooming of nails,removal of hard skin , footmassage and cream and polish) 


Foot treatment for menn 60 min. 690,- 

Incl. a footbath, grooming of nails, clipping and filing of nails, removal of hard skin and finished of with a massasge and moisturizing products

Foot Massage 30 min 400,-

øyenbryn Plukker


-Face (Brows/upper lip) 30 min.                           300,-


-Waxing of upper lip 15 min.                                 150,-

-Arms half/whole 30/40 min.                    250,-/400,-


-Armpit   20 min.                                                       250,-


 -Legs 15-20 min.                                                      350,-

-Tighs  40min.                                                           395,-


-Whole legs 50 min.                                                 695,-

      -Back 40 min.                                                            500,-


-Bikini Line 20 min                                                 350,- 


Facial Treatments

-Mini cleans    30 min      450,- 


-SPA-traetment face 50 min. 750,-

A facial treatment that includes rinse, peeling, a soothing mask, a relaxing massasge of your shoulders, neck and face. We finish the treatment with a daycream to fit your skin.


-Deep Cleanse 60 min. 850,- 

Traditional facial treatment that consists of a thorough cleans and steam. A renewing treatmentthat gives your skin a nice glow and moisture. Finished off with a daycream to fit your skin.


-Cleanse with fruit Acid peeling 75 min. 1095,- 

 A nurturing deep cleanse that corrects and ready your skin for an skin renewing fruit acid peel. Finished off with a daycream that fits your skin


-Facial Treatment 90 min. 1350,-

The treatment contains cleans, peeling , mask, infusion of serum and relaxing shoulder and neck massasge.  

It also includes removal of blackheads and coloring and shaping of brows and lashes.

Finished of with a daycream that fits your skin.

-Pevonia Signature Treatment 120 min. 1550,-

This skin treatment starts With a skin analysis, cleans, peeling With steam and a special mask, infusion og serumand a relaxing massage of your shoulders, neck and face. it also includes coloring an shaping af brows and lashes.The treatment is finished of with a daycream that fits you skin.


Day Make-Up 30 min.   500,-


Night Make-Up 45 min.  550,- 

Signature Treatments

Trappers Foot Treatment 80 min. 850,-

Soak Your feet in a warm footbath followed bu nail care and cuticle treatment. then we remove hard skin followed by a nurishing cooling foot wrap. The treatmentis finished of with a relaxingfoot and leg massasgeand a moistureizing footcream, leaving Your feet soft and fresh.

Polar Lux Spa Treatment 150 min. 1850,-

Starting off  with a refreshing dead sea salt body scrub, followed by a full body massage. We finish off with a relaxing Spa Facial treatment with scalp massage leving you ready for both dogsledding and snowmobile excursions ;) 

Polar Lux II Treatment 150 min. 1950,-

The treatmenst starts With a silky skin body scrub followed by a nourishing Microgenized Algae body wrap packed With minerals and vitamins. while you are wrapped on the table you getyou get a calming mni facial, the treatmentis finished og With a full body Aroma Therapy massage.

Polar Spa Anti Age Treatment 120 min 1850,-

We use Pevonias Stem Cell Phyto-Elite Products that are full of Natural active agents that gives you skina firmer, moist and more even skin tone.We start With a full body scrub, moving on to the body Contouring serum that goes under the wrap. these Products contain good ingredients like Argan, Shea Butter, Green Coffeeand Avocado.While wrapped you get a relaxingscalp massasge finished off With a full body massage og Your Choice.

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 10.00-18.00

Sat: 10.00-16.00

Søn: Closed